Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Castle Kronog

Many have tried and many have failed in their attempt to enter Castle Kronog. It is said that the owner of the castle still lives there but nobody has ever seen him. Nobody knows when the castle was built but stories of riches beyond anyones wildest dreams is said to be located deep within the castle. The few who have reached the outer edge have felt great fear/sickness and either returned home to die slowly or have fallen to their deaths. The castle was built on top of a mountain top and the foundation below has been weakened by the weather and by the ocean below. Some hike up near the mountain and imagine the treasure close within their grasp but are brought back to reality when they look down to see the countles bones scattered below.


Gary G said...

Nice work. Love your ideas as usual

Saul Ruiz said...

I think it needs a fence some where in there. A fence, and a pile of wood. Later//

Saul Ruiz said...
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