Thursday, November 08, 2007

G.I.JOE 25th Anniversary Storm Shadow Model

Here is a model I am currently working on, Cobra Storm Shadow. I was inspired by the new 25th Anniversary G.I.JOE action figures that were released this year. I loved the cartoon back in the 80's and of course the action figures. This is my tribute to the great G.I.JOE series and toys. It is a work in progress. I am done with the base model and currently working on on UV mapping. I plan on taking it into mudbox for the detailing and of course texture.


Greg Peltz said...

Hey Jaime, looking good! I like seeing the articulation and the holes where the screws go on the inside of his legs. Does he seriously where flip-flops??

Anonymous said...

HI! how's the art and animation program in sjsu? Do you think it is worth it?
I am planning to go sjsu in fall 2008.
thank you!

Jaime Ramirez said...

Hi anonymous, the art and animation program at sjsu is great to get a solid foundation. But don't expect them to teach you everything. You really have to work hard and seek information/knowledge and learn on your own as well. Great environment for learning and making life long friends. Don't be afraid to ask teacher questions and also getting critiques for your artwork. I would suggest to start searching and finding books on how to draw/animate/3d model etc. Now. If you want to do 3d modeling get a Maya or 3D studio Max foundation book and start Now. Don't wait to take the classes. Always practice and don't get discouraged and don't give up. Goodluck and take care

Gary G said...

Awesome advice Jaime. I totally agree. Life long freindships awsome teachers and great education all at an affordable price. Totally worth it if your ready to bust your ass for it and totally stalk the teachers for advice.

Im loving the G I Joe. Shadow storm and Snake eyes have always been my favorite. 80's Babies showing our age.

Jaime you are definitely one of my life long friends from SJSU.
now you know
and knowing is half the battle.

Gary G said...
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Sarita Kolhatkar said...

Jaime, where are you?

Maria Luisa said...

Ahhh! I am having junior high flashbacks! I still say Snake Eyes kicks a$$, especially the comic book version.
Your image is really detailed--MUCH better than the action figures we used to play with!