Monday, January 29, 2007

Sketchbook: San Jose State

Here are some old sketchbook drawings of the tower at San Jose State.

Sketchbook: Trees

Here are some old waterfall and tree drawings from my sketchbook. The tree on the left is one of the ever famous San Jose State "Cancer" trees. It is called that because of the growths on the tree bark. The other tree drawings were from Bonfante Gardens. There are some great "Circus" trees with amazing designs that are worth checking out and the gardens are beautiful.

Monday, January 15, 2007

3D Modeling: T-Rex Toy

Here is another model I worked on this past semester. I have this toy but is actually made of glow in the dark pieces. The teacher wanted to have the T-Rex toy be textured so that it looked like if it was made of wood. Modeled in Maya 7.0 and textured in Photoshop CS.

3D Modeling: Hamper

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone. Hope that everyones new year will turn out happy, fun, productive and successful. Here is a model of a hamper I worked on last semester. Modeled in Maya 7.0. Textured in Photoshop CS and with a few help from some online tutorials.