Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Speed Paints 01 (20min)

Here are all three 20 minute speed paints along with the refrence. I have to say that the 20 minute deadline really tested me. It forced me to block in everything quicker than I would have on the 30 minute Spider-man speed paints. I also have to say that practicing with the 30 minute speed paints also helped in adjusting to the shorter time. I had a lot of fun with them but they were really challenging.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Speed Paint 04 (60min)

Here is a one hour speed paint. I originally stopped at 30 minutes but it didn't have the webbing just like the previous speed paint. I really wanted to include the web design in at least one of the Spider-man speed paints. So I used the extra 30 minutes to add the webbing. I stayed with the classic Spider-man look and just had the black lines for web design.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Speed Paint 03 (30min)

Here is another 30 minute speed paint. I am keeping with the Spider-man 3 theme because it inspires me. I didn't get as far as I would have liked but I think it is a good start. If I had another half hour I would double check proportions and shapes. I would have also put in the webbing design on his suit. I am hoping I will do well in the 20 minute speed paints coming up soon.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Speed Paint 02 (30min)

Here is another 30 minute speed paint. I looked at this one at the 20 minute mark and it looked really rough. The extra ten minutes make a huge difference in getting those last minute details. Hope to get quicker but I am having fun with 30 min speed paints.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Speed Paint 01 (30min)

I am really excited about Spider-man 3 coming out in May. Here is a 30 min speed paint. I wanted to practice doing speed painting in a shorter period of time to prepare for next weeks 20 min speed paints. Time goes by fast when you are having fun.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Speed Paint 6

Here is speed paint number 6. It is the last speed paint for the week. This was the toughest one of all. At first glance I just saw a bunch of detail and didn't know where to begin. But I began to block in the big shapes and then went on to focus what I believed was more important which was the face. Just like the clouds of speed paint 5, the bulk of the hour was spent on trying to get the face right. I then moved on to continue blocking in more of the background. I couldn't get into the details as I would have like but I think it is a good start for an hour. (Bottom image is the refrence picture)

Speed Paint 5

Here is speed paint number five and the second one for this week. Man, this one was tough. I worked in 3 layers. The first layer I worked on was on the clouds. I think clouds are really difficult to get down correctly and I spent a good chunk of the hour trying to get it right. But I had to move on so I then worked on the water on another layer and the boats and shack on another layer. The hour went by very quickly and I couldn't get into the details as I would have liked. But overall I think it looks ok. (Bottom image is the refrence picture)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Speed Paint 4

Here is speed paint numero quatro (number four). Just when I started to get into the details the hour limit was up. I had a lot of fun on this one. I worked on several layers for this one just to speed things up. I worked on the sky on one layer, did the foreground elements and posts on another and did the water on another layer. This made it quick to go back in edit. I will post the other speed paints for the week as soon as I get them done. Have a great day. (Bottom Image is Refrence picture)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Model Set: High Mountain Shrine

Here is one of the projects I have been working on given by my teacher Barron Storey. Were were supposed to make an environment piece from our own story. I decided to make a high mountain shrine that plays an important role in my story and characters. The idea was to build the environment and play with the lighting using flashlights all while thinking about focal points. We were also supposed to think of the model set as theatre stage sets. We had to think about where the characters would walk around and interact. We were also supposed to use these sets as refrence for our drawings and put our characters in the environment. I built my set out of found objects. I used a cardboard box foundation to begin. I then used foam board, tape, paper bags, newspaper, paper mache, and then painted with acrylic paints. This was a lot of fun and helpful. Here I have pictures of the model set as well as thumbnail drawings of the initial concept of what i wanted the set to look like.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Speed Paint 3

Here is the third speed paint of the week. The hour went by so fast on this one. This was also the most challenging. I blocked in the big shapes and then went in to smaller shapes. I worked by having the background on one layer and the characters on a seperate layer. This was a lot of fun. Can't wait for the next one.

Speed Paint 2

Here is my second speed paint for the week. This one looked simple but turned out to be tough. I began with the background and then did the boats and sticks coming out the water on a seperate layer in photoshop. (Bottom photo is refrence picture)

Speed Paint 1

This is my first speed paint for the week. We are supposed to paint these from photo refrence. It was done in photoshop using a wacom tablet and worked on for one hour. We could not work under or over an hour. Our BFA teacher Dela Longfish assigned three for this week. I recommend it if you haven't tried it. It will train your eye, increase speed, and develop photoshop painting skills. I tried to get as far as I could before the hour ended. I began with the background color and then blocked in the big shapes. I worked trying to match the color, values, soft and hard edges. It was a lot of fun. Hope to do better next time. I will post the other two when I get them done. (Bottom photo is the refrence)

Monday, March 05, 2007


I went to WonderCon this past weekend and had a great time. It is a place that has many things I love all in one place. Comics, animation, movies, art, artists, action figures, books, friends, and the list goes on and on. I was able to go with my good friend Nelson, seen standing in front of some S.F. buildings, and later with my cousin Saul. My cousin and I also ran into some great friends and enjoyed the amazing art and artists at WonderCon. Here we all are enjoying lunch at the Metreon in S.F. Brad Bird and Patton Oswalt's presentation for, Pixar's next film, Ratatouille was unforgettable. Some of the other movies showcased were Spider-man 3, Ninja Turtles, Surf's Up, and 300 to name a few. Also Marvel and DC have some big plans for this year and it is looking awesome so far. It is going to be a great year overall for films and comics. I was also lucky to meet and talk with some artists that have inspired me. Here is a picture of Patrick Morgan (Whale Boy), Ed Acosta, and Jose Lopez (Mariachi Samurai) at their booth. Some of the nicest people I have met. It all went by so fast. Can't wait for the next WonderCon.