Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Online Portfolio

Here is the updated cover for my portfolio. I also have my portfolio blog up and running. So if you get a chance stop on by and take a look . Hope you get inspired in someway. Thank you for your time.Online Portfolio

Monday, April 02, 2007

Ghost Hunters: Character Designs

Here are my character designs for a Ghost Hunter team set in Paris during the Victorian era that I have been working on for the past weeks. At the top is the leader of the group named Rick Nightengale. He is ready for battle using his ghost hunting gun which enables him to shoot out a goo that can temporarily matterialize the ghosts and make them catchable. He can also set the gun to kill if necassary. Then there is Prof. Nicholas Frost who invents the team's ghost hunting equipment. He uses a vacuum type gun that is used to capture ghosts in various bottle sizes. He always carries his tool kit with him and has many pockets to store the ghosts. He also has a huge ghost container on his back for larger more evil ghosts. Then there is Francine Bruneau, she is tough and shoots to kill. She is dressed in Victorian clothing. She has a larger gun and is connected to more powerful goo. She can stun the ghosts but is able to kill them quickly. Finally, there is Iva Nara, she is blind but able to see ghosts. She helps in guiding the team to find evil ghosts. She is wearing clothing that covers her up and protects her because she is afraid of ghosts. The clothing has Japanese writing in gold that translates to, "Sacred, evil ghosts don't hurt me". This message is written on her fan and her umbrella/cane. The Japanese writing in gold, fan, umbrella, and amulets help in keeping her safe.