Sunday, June 10, 2012

Robocop 3D Model Update

Back in 2009 I began a 3D Robocop model in Maya. I also dabbled a bit in Zbrush but ran into some normal map exporting issues. Here are some W.I.P pictures of that model that I never posted.

I recently received an email from an action figure customizer, Blayne (Blayne's Custom Action Figures Blog) He is currently working on a Peter Weller Robocop action figure. He requested my 3D mesh in order for him to try out some 3D printing. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find my 3D model, but the search continues. If I am able to find my 3D model I will be going back to working on it in my free time as well as posting more W.I.P pictures and then handing over the mesh over to Blayne and seeing the mesh come to life with 3D printing for his custom action figure.